Let the Games Begin! The Fitness Games - App Review

As a Sweat Pink Ambassador, I often have the opportunity to receive the latest and greatest in the health and fitness world. Recently, I was able to try out a new app for my iphone - The Fitness Games, available at http://tfgapp.com and http://bit.ly/1qGElHs.

Developed by two trainers, the app helps users achieve their fitness goals with a social media twist. It's fun and easy to use. Since I primarily work out from home, I was hopeful that this app would provide me with another avenue for creative workouts - and I was not disappointed. I definitely got my sweat on with the Challenges!

The Fitness Games appeals to the competitor in me. I do best under pressure, when there's something on the line (real or imaginary). So I love the idea of head-to-head fitness challenges. And I enjoy meeting other fitness-minded folks like me. The app cleanly incorporates the best parts of instagram and Facebook - I love that I can post status updates and gym selfies!


Here's how it works - The Fitness Games has 4 categories to choose over 50 workout challenges from: strength (olympic lifts and split routines), cardiovascular (running, biking, or swimming), full-body circuit training and cross-training (endurance and strength exercises). You can also create your own workout. Once you select a workout from one of these categories, the challenge is up to you! You can connect with friends, just as you would on other social media sites, or challenge random users, or even yourself. Each category operates on a unique scoring system designed by the creators, and the points earned during challenges can be used to level up in The Fitness Games and to unlock free workouts. I really like how the workouts are all tracked, scored, and saved on my page in the app. And of course, everything here is posted in a Facebook-like way.  I created my own little profile, as you can see below, and I can like, comment and interact with other challengers to my heart's content!

I decided to challenge a fellow sweat pink ambassador to the "Bodyweight Madness" challenge. By clicking on the name of the challenge, I was taken to a page that described the moves in the workout, and even provided photos and videos of the moves in case I needed a refresher. 

This circuit I chose consisted of 40 squat jacks, 15 push ups, 24 walking lunges, 15 v ups, 10 single v ups, 8 burpees and a minute long plank hold - timed and repeated 3 times. Fastest challenger wins points and bragging rights! I KNOW that I completed the circuit faster because I was competing against someone else - even though it was virtual, it pushed me to work harder! 

I definitely will be adding The Fitness Games into my workout regiment, particularly when I need a boost or a change of pace. It's addictive, and really great for at-home workouts.

This post was sponsored by The Fitness Games through my partnership with Fit Approach as a Sweat Pink Ambassador. I was not compensated monetarily, but was provided with the Platinum Version of the application for review. As always, all opinions are my own.