21 Day Fix - Early Results

I've never been truly disciplined about my eating habits.  I don't have a large appetite, but I like carbs. Cakes, breads, desserts. All my life I've gotten away with eating small amounts of relatively crappy foods.  Over the last year or so, I've become more of a mindful eater, as I've noticed the effects that junk has on me, mentally and physically (sluggish and brain fog? No thanks). So, I was eager to start the 21 Day Fix, hoping it would take me to the next level of mindful eating through balanced meals and food prep (on a very basic level). And a week in, and I am pleased with my results:

One week progress


I've lost about 3 pounds, another inch around the waist, and 1.5% body fat in one week on the program. My goal was not to lose weight, but to lose fat - despite my best intentions, my middle has been fluffier than I'd like. Perhaps I'm one of the women who are not meant to have a six-pack.  That's ok, but I'd like to tighten them up anyway!  On the 21 Day Fix, I have been eating balanced proportions of the major food groups that are proscribed for my weight range and caloric needs. I have been eating more protein and less carbs. And it's made a huge difference.

Lots of variety - from top right - kale salad with tuna, corn on the cob and pork chop, bison meatloaf, sweet potatpes and haricot vert.

My menus have been simple but delicious.  I also must have saved $100 on food this week (it seriously costs me $20 a day for breakfast and lunch in NYC), so I'm loving that side benefit. Here's a typical daily menu:

- Breakfast: 2 hard boiled eggs and 1/2 banana

-Snack: 12 almonds, 1/2 banana

- Lunch: kale and tuna on 1 slice of spelt bread with dijon mustard and tabasco

-Snack: chocolate shakeology, water

- Dinner: pork chop, corn on the cob

I don't have to count calories. I just have to eat what's in my containers. I have a chart setting forth my color-coded containers and I check off the appropriate ones throughout the day. The food prep has taken me no longer than 20 minutes. I've been eating lots of healthy leftovers too.

I have had a few moments this first week of serious hunger pangs. I've had these before I started the program, and I suspect it's more than just hunger - when I don't drink enough water, my body protests.  One night I ate "outside" of the Fix, because I felt I needed to. It doesn't seem to have impacted my results at all. As my body adjusts to this 3 week program, and as I become more adept at drinking my water and spacing out meals, I hope that issue won't happen again.  It's critical to listen to your body, and that's what I did.

I must mention the awesome 30 minute workouts. The creator of the program, Autumn Calabrese, has assembled 7 workouts to be done daily for three weeks, including a 10 minute abs program. Each workout is in an interval, boot-camp style, so your heart rate will be up!  But, there are always modifiers. I found it perfectly challenging and my muscles are still sore on Day 10! 

I'll be updating this series after I complete the program. Stay tuned!