The new breakfast

For many years, I did breakfast so wrong. I mean, like majorly bad. It was like the dessert bar for me - I would eat muffins, croissants, pastries of all types.  I was filling myself with empty calories, sugar and chocolate, and was hungry an hour later. I never felt energized, because that food just sat in my belly. By the afternoon, belly bloat had emerged. It was a wicked cycle.

I learned that I could satisfy my sweet cravings through wholesome, and yes - chocolate-y breakfasts, such as oatmeal, pancakes and yogurt creations. I'm happy to share a few of my go-to breakfasts with you!

My faves

  • Yogurt bliss. This recipe is one of my favorite sweet treats, and I often eat it for dessert when I am in a mood (which is most days). Combine 3/4 cup yogurt (my favorite is Ronneybrook Farms Maple Vanilla), a teaspoon of peanut or almond butter, and a drizzle of honey. I will sometimes add blueberries and dark chocolate chips. For an extra healthy boost, use plain greek yogurt. 
  • Easy oats. I'll save my obsession with overnight oats for another day, but I have been loving the options and ease of plain, rolled oats in the morning. Add a small amount of water (or almond milk) to 1/2 cup of rolled oats. Heat in the microwave for approximately 1.5 minutes. Add fresh fruit of your choice and a drizzle of honey or agave nectar. Sometimes I add chia seeds and goji berries too. Very filling and delicious.
  • Spelt bread, almond butter, sliced banana. Sprinkle with honey and chocolate chips.
  • Shakeology. This superfood-packed meal replacement is easily my healthiest meal of the day. I love adding a cup of almond milk to vanilla shakeology, 1 tsp of nut butter, 1/2 a banana and homemade maple syrup. So good. Comment or message me if you are interested in trying a free sample!

What are your favorite, sweet breakfasts? Please share in the comments below!

5AM Workout Club

One of the reasons that it took me so long to start exercising was because of my schedule. Time, or lack thereof. I had two kids under the age of 3, one of which loved waking up at 6AM on the dot. I worked all day and when I finally got back home, put the kids to bed and sat down to eat dinner, it was 8:30PM. So, my only choice was to join the 5AM workout club (as it is lovingly known on Instagram.)

I have read that it takes at least 1 month to form a habit. So, with my husband's help, I decided to give it a go. I had a few at home workout DVDs that I would sometimes do before I had kids, and I ordered some programs from Beachbody as well.

Here's what worked for me:

- GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP.  This is critical. If I went to bed any later than 11PM, it was simply too late to wake up for an early morning sweat session.  I started watching the clock at night and enlisting my husband to remind me to get into bed instead of messing around on my phone or doing late-night laundry.

- SET EVERYTHING UP THE NIGHT BEFORE. I popped that DVD in my basement' player, laid out my workout clothes, set the alarm to 4:45. It took me 10 minutes to wake up, get dressed and start at 5.

- ENLIST HELP. My husband was my biggest supporter. He told me he would not let me sleep in when the alarm rang. So he basically woke up with me and made sure I got started!

These days, I workout about 6 days a week. I crave it. It allows me to start the day energized, with a sense of calm, balance and strength. It took several months to really get into it, but I started with only working out 3 days a week. Remember, it's a marathon - not a sprint. My results today are because of my overall consistent and balanced approach towards working out.